Words Worth Wearing

I sit in my corner. Sigh-filled and thankful. Yet weary and a little weaker for the wear this morning.
      I know my weakness opens the door for two frequent visitors. It’s up to me to choose who is welcome.

I have this reading list of blogs on my home page (sound familiar fellow blogger.com users?). If you’re anything like me, my eyes can be bigger than my head. I want to add many in their lovely ways of expressing themselves and the truth that continually surrounds them through their daily seek of Him.
     I don’t have an enormous amount really, but even the gifted I do have, collaboratively write more than I can possibly read in a day or a week. So sadly, much goes unseen by me and my heart actually breaks a little at that. For I know what medicine it is — the words of another as they sojourn paths such as I. They have wisdom I don’t, through a perspective only they carry. So I gasp thankful when I encounter such realness; a tale of living and learning.

This morning I came across my reading list determined to visit and read what another woman is feeling today. Perhaps it would speak into my own cloudy-tired this morning.

Enter Andrea. She is the author of life at Under Grace and Over Coffee. (Love the title too!)
     I opened a new tab to her words of everyday-lovely. A peek into just-another-morning, and what I found was a sigh of comfort – of a place of realness, quiet thankfulness, open welcome. Soothing is a word that comes to mind. I felt a little lighter after a left. There was no swelling song of revelation in her words. No giant questioning of humanity. Just a woman – seeing Her Creator – mouthing a thank you during smiles and mop buckets. It was perfect. It warmed me and I am better.

That is the power words bring. To either better or worsen a place and the citizens of that world.

I’ve been on the receiving end of becoming much worse for the wear after specifically placed words bore into already-cracked spaces. I can easily guess that we all have those memories. Hopefully you don’t latch onto such times and try to wear them like skin, thinking they must have merit if spoken. Oh how I hope you don’t do that…

What is truly worth wearing – worth owning and seeing in fullness – are the words of redemptive beauty. The ones that speak to who you truly are. Who we all are.

Clothed. Named. Protected. Cherished. Beautiful. Yes, BEAUTIFUL. Wholly and dearly loved. Worth      dying      for…

So any of the other messes – the words that don’t match up to who The Word declares you are: set yourself free from. Don’t spend time trying to tidy up to former, making it presentable because maybe you think you can sift through garbage to find diamonds. NO. Straighten you back, turn and walk away. There is nothing for you there. 
At the end of the day, even the most warm of compliments from a person can never truly equal in measurement the glorious description your Savior has written for you. By His own blood, he has penned your worth. And He proclaims you: “MINE”

So do not worry, little heart of mine, what today will bring. For anything your eyes behold cannot tarnish the truth that you are treasured. And this faith of yours that needs strengthening every day – that IS being renewed and emboldened with every passing truth you count most valuable – is worth more weight than any gem or currency. Imperishable even by the fires you will continue to be subject to, placed in, held beneath. Because a Master Craftsman knows that if it is to of any lasting strength, it must be refined. And dear self (dear sister too, you who reads this) the resulting masterpiece of you is far more rich and breathtaking than your wildest dreams could dare hope to believe. 
You are already beauty and honor to His soul. And every day you are reflecting His Light and radiance more perfectly. 
Don’t be afraid to come weak. For Love, you are being strengthened by every breath. Today is no exception. Lean into the Strong. 

8 Comments on “Words Worth Wearing”

  1. Jennifer…you are an uplifter! I am so thankful you came to this unscheduled outpouring of heart and fear. I always leave a little of self on the page and it doesn't always come without a little sting. How grateful I am that someone else can read and be filled in any small way. *Sigh* Our God is so amazing, isn't He?


  2. Linking up after you at the Encore linkup – this was so sweet to read. Thank you for this – “even the most warm of compliments from a person can never truly equal in measurement the glorious description your Savior has written for you.” We already have the best of compliments, every day and every moment of our lives. Thank you for this reminder. (My second try to enter my comment – sorry!)


  3. It worked! Ahh, so happy. I think sometimes even I have to reload my page if I notice my fonts didn't load properly (usually then, neither do my comments)..but I'm working on trying to budget for a design overhaul anyway…hmm… 😉

    But on to much more important things – you, my dear Nikki – are such a stalwart and beauty. I see your grace in things large and small and am captured by the faith you give in the everyday. Thank you, sister, for all you do. The way you encourage and build another up is soul-filling. And mine tends to overflow in your presence. Thank YOU.


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