The minutes tick by, my brain shrinks with each passing moment I refuse eyes’ closing. Yet I want to stay up. It’s only 5 minutes, but it’s worth time incalculable. Igniting the embers of creativity, catharsis, and growth.

And so I waited the 10 extra minutes until the reveal of our newborn word from Lisa-Jo.

Please join us in this trek of discovery. Whether you’re up late as I, or if it’s pre-coffee morning and you’re hoping for that last soak of quiet before the day rushes to demand you, or even if it’s well into Friday and you finally are finding a moment to breath within the hectic-lovely of life…you are welcome here. You are urged to link up with us, spilling yourself on page. We are a safe audience. We don’t judge. In fact, it may be the most encouraging place to fall into – this bed of arms from the most amazing, talented, human-skinned angels of women I’ve come to know and connect to.
     So please, gather up your feet. Tuck them under you and rest easy. It’s writing time. Let’s see what flows…


Credit: Flickr user Darwin Bell

I’ve had many homes.

    The beauty of relocation at the hands of a Navigator.

              And I’m richer because of it.        A phrase is often used: “seasoned traveler”…   I understand it.
  In order to have endured the nomadicness of journey, one becomes seasoned to the grit of differing cultures, the dust of alternative altitudes, the flavor of adjusted times zones and new languages of communication all within the boundaries of one language spilling from varying lips.

Area codes and walls have changed exponentially throughout my life     yet one constant has stood fast: my home stands unmoved.

I recognize now, thankful in bounds at the gift of understanding, that 
My ever-pointed North. My destination. 
My star in the blackest night and my fire in the glaring day.
More than any state line or nation’s flag…I grieve to be Home              in awe of the arms that built me. 
     I long for His Kingdom now
                                                     feet on mountaintop 
                                            and                                      Love
                              to reign                                                      mighty
             and death                                                                              silenced always
  and my heart gasping praises until my lips need no longer move for all His stunning glory.
Repeat the sounding joy!
It is finished!
As the thief who cried ‘Messiah!’ was home before dusk,
so I race to meet King of Kings and LORD of Lords……..Selah.
But I know…not my will nor my timing – but His, ever-unknown by any flesh-wearing soul. Not even Christ knows the hour. So if He can rest secure in waiting for the “go”, so can I. 
For in the meantime, I will live happily in my home-sanctuary of His love and guidance. 
Across many more miles. 
To any terrain He beckons. 
the end…

Photo taken by me on a camping trip to Colorado

14 Comments on “Home”

  1. I love your “mountain” you made with your prose, and you know I am always amazed at how beautifully you can write even when it is late…praying you are sensing His delight in you, and yes, I cannot wait to be Home with Him…blessings to you, sweet Leigh 🙂


  2. And my eyes have been screaming at me for over an hour – but it's been a grace-lovely night. My first “official” meeting of my brand new small group at my brand new church for this brand new city and state. 🙂 (7 months' lived isn't exactly brand new I suppose, but finding the church and this group and these girls are all on His pristine timing and I sit thankful…always in awe.) I am so thankful for this space of believers…here…you…and I so wish we were meeting for fresh coffee in the morning Dolly. Someday, I know we can and will. I feel it. 🙂
    Thank you, for always being you. How truly blessed I am to know you!


  3. Beautiful and true and affirming! Your introduction was as encouraging to me as the body of this amazing post. thank you for bringing poetry into my morning and a hope of HOME into my heart. Bless you, Leigh!


  4. Oh Alissa – thank you! I am so blessed by your sweet words and your visit. I cannot wait to *see you here again, for you are always, always welcome. 🙂


  5. Good morning Amy!! Oh it is good to see your words this morning. I was woken before I was ready and I fear my attitude is ready to pounce in the wrong direction! :/ Sitting here, reading your words calms me and brings me back to the feet of He who gives me grace and poetry every day. Thank you for helping me see that again this very day. Blessings!!


  6. Debi thank you ever so much for coming by today, stopping to share your encouraging words. I am thankful! 🙂 May your week be one where blessing is noticed, comfort is discovered, and love is chosen over all things.


  7. Oh Leigh… you're writing is like coming home… warm and inviting and the images you created with your words and your prose… friend? So beautiful and this —> My home stands umoved —> This, had me exhaling in relief – My home is unshakable – on Christ the solid rock I stand!!


  8. What a joy you are. Your time to come here, read simple words and speak such thankfulness of His unfailing goodness…causes me to rejoice in union! Thank you. He is the Rock unshakable..amazing!


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