The Operative Word of REST

Personal photo; Lowell park bench

I press the ‘start’ button,
      seconds tick silently by; milliseconds in count behind.

And tired is all that I am in this space.

It is not a bad tired
And we all know there is a distinction between good and bad and even nominal wearies.

It’s a tired mixed with goodness, thankfulness, blessing and lessons being learned. 
It’s the stretching of muscles and tendons and sinews of spirit. It is the toughening sensitivities and the thickening of skin. It is the rejoice of any hour of sleep successful. The knowledge that nothing is promised to allow us to conquer a day save that of the grace of Elohim and the continued reminder of where Love leaves us. 
   The minutes continue to count and I’m in no rush. Knowing that spectacular doesn’t have to happen each time fingers press letters. In fact, I know it rarely does. Ask any writer either of trade or of heart. It doesn’t mean notoriety comes, it just is something that must be done, as breathing: the practice of writing. Getting thoughts out, lethargic-escaping moments of clarity and introspection. 
     And 5:03.9 is here and I’ll be true to the moment. 
“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls
Matthew 11:29
    * Join us, as each week faithful practitioners and newcomers alike share a space of penning thoughts in stream. No pretense is required. In fact, we lovingly ask you to leave it behind. Come unfurl in the comforts of free space, no judgement, and the most rewarding gift you’ll ever hope to find: true and abundant encouragement. These women enormously excel at it. Come and see for yourself at the “home” of the lovely lady who started it all. 
Everyone is not only welcome here, but beckoned.

22 Comments on “The Operative Word of REST”

  1. These words, girl, captivate my soul . . . Knowing that spectacular doesn't have to happen each time fingers press letters. WOW –I needed that. That's true rest. A peace — not looking for results in the words. I wrote about rest in letting go or results, but your words describe it perfectly!


  2. “as breathing, the practice of writing” …yes…I need to write for that reason and for “clarity”…also loved your “sinews of spirit”…Hope you had a restful day off…today was busy and I wondered whether I should write tonight but then I thought, I always feel better if I do…wishing you rest in Him, dear Leigh 🙂


  3. Yes, I wrote about the practice of writing in an earlier post but dang girl. You said what I was thinking, in much less words and way less time. This is beautiful.


  4. Lindsey love, you stayed awake! 😉 You are stronger than I; I had to retire. It's been a whirlwind of a couple of days. Not bad, just exhausting. So sleep is coveted. Thank you for being here. And for being you. Let's catch up asap!


  5. Oh Alene! You need that too?? I get it girl. Ordinary mustn't always be in battle with extraordinary. I think the two should share equal time or one would cease to be – cease to distinguish itself from the other. And then we would miss so much! I love how you put it: “not looking for results in the word”. O o o how that resonates! Heading over to your words now. Cannot wait. Thank you so much for voicing how you relate! 🙂


  6. Dolly! Oh dear how sorry I am we've not caught up this week. I'm going to be phoning today!! You are so patient and intentional and I am so thankful for you. I am SO happy your wondering turned to writing. I cannot wait to read your heart again this week. Hugging you from afar friend.


  7. Hahaha, Alia Joy (BEAUTY of a name!), your words brought smiles. 🙂 We have similar “reaction language” and I have a feeling we're kindred in more ways than one! Thank you SO much for what are too kind words. But I'll hold them in thankfulness. You blessed me this morning. Heading over to you now, getting my own “dang girl” ready! I know I'll need to use it too. 😉


  8. Monica! I've missed you! How are you lovely? I can't wait to read your words this morning on “rest”! Thank you so much for stopping by with your sweet sentiments. They are appreciated as are you. 🙂


  9. Stephanie….oh it started with just wanting to know your name so I could respond in a personal way to this one word blessing you left here that brought a smile to my heart and a thankfulness in my spirit…so I clicked on your website to see if I could discover your name. “About Me” led me there…and oh my word what sweet gorgeous I found in your heart, through your words. The FMF post on identity – I soaked it up. It stopped me and filled with such a surrender-celebration. Breathtaking realness, your writing drips with it. I am so so very happy you came here with this one word of sincere encouragement, for that led me to discover you. And I am more blessed by that than I can say. I haven't read your “rest” post yet, but that is where I'm headed now. Cannot wait at all. 😉 THANK you Stephanie. So much. You are lovely.


  10. I'm commenting here today simply because I can 🙂
    and I love you so…

    and it warms my heart to hear you call Him Elohim even when you're pressed for time and so good-tired.

    friend–my good-tired never sounds like this. just so we're clear–you have beauty written all over you. {HUGS}


  11. Oh you can! I am treasuring you. I just sit here all stupefied that He decided to put you – with your sentences shrinking miles between sisters who've yet to meet – in my path…you, who teaches me much without needing to use many words. That smiling picture and intentional spirit of yours = blessing every single time.


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