The Sound Most Beautiful

  • It is time…I return…feeble but limping to the line of welcome. Join me. You are never unwanted here. Your voice – matters. Gather at Lisa-Jo’s for a depth-check of heart.


Boundaries appear not.
    Qualifications stand unwanted.
Justification exacts at one.

Mercy exists on terms explicit:
You cannot earn it
You cannot bribe it
You cannot add unto it.
And those whose souls belong to Jesus – you cannot hide from it. 

Its one justified act stood on Golgotha. The cross birthed its quiddity. It can never be altered.
    These qualities I can name.        
I can sing to you a song of redemption and comforts. Truths dripping from the Word like rain on a drought-cracked land.                                But sometimes, I need that song sung back to me.
I know mercies are new every morning.
Yet sometimes I can’t recognize when morning arrives. When fresh approaches. When I’m filled anew.
For I am stunned deaf on the days where Hard kicks in the door, battering my senses – taking hostage my perception.
I become acquainted with the night. Oft trapped in marriage to its deceptions.
I forget that I’m betrothed to Another. 
I am spoken for.
Thus, such perceived, deceptive union is void, while the Truth stands guard. While embrace wraps firm. My husband, giving me a new name, whispering it in my ear when amnesia sneaks.
      The Glories (I will call you) who join in the movement of Love Reminded, who meet my eyes when I shift gaze and declare the truth with Him, joining in chorus that song I sometimes believe is for everyone else…you sisters and brothers – I say thank you. For banding together with Trinity in Operation Rescue. For reminding me, I am never alone. None of us are ever left alone.
Mercy is the most beautiful sound.

6 Comments on “The Sound Most Beautiful”

  1. I thought of you while driving yesterday Dolly. You are so kind to give me grace between the eons we're able to speak. Know that you are remembered. How I hold your sweet words so close to my heart.


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