What I must remember

How could I possibly forget – how my strands of DNA interlace with morning breeze, a tapestry of colors in sky, Autumn breeze delicately beckoning welcome home. 
      Stress melts away when I plant myself under open air. Unfailingly. And yet I unconsciously refuse to give practice to my joy. I am a relative of nature, for thus is how I was crafted. This mound of clay yearns for environment molded too by our same Fashioner. 
How I urge my soul to remember this medicine. To let the affectations sink deep into bones and aches. To carry me through all sharp turns and raging roadblocks and the piles of nothing I allow to become something so massive and unavoidable. Lies. It all is, save that of this moment of awareness. Save the lovely of being where I belong.
      Things I must remember…

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