There wil be days when you don’t feel useful,       or functional,       or capable.
When you certainly don’t feel presentable.

To be satisfied means a want for nothing more. To be filled to capacity. To have all that you desire and need. That all is met within you.

On these days where the won’ts are more frequent visitors than the wills – try with me. Try to shut off noises and moods and weary. And hear the words of poetry. Of Psalm. Of examples where it’s always okay to be honest about the junk that can find its way into a mind. How He never asks us to hide, but to come out. To be us, to accept that we are His. And He is in the habit of raising beauty from ashes.

So satisfy me, my Maker. Fill me where I will want no more. You are the only substance that will sustain me. That will not leave me empty again. So satisfy me, with your lovingkindness. I could use that more often than just today. But let’s start with today, You and I. We can start here, and that will be enough.

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