Good Morning.     You.     Who may be waking to a multitude of facts and emotions that may feel anything but good.
You, who may be in a hospital, waiting to hold your new, strong, handsome son – letting the sway and swirl from pride, fear, trust, worry, immeasurable love take it’s heights and depths in your heart.                                                                                         You are held.  

     You, who may be growing new life while fighting desperately for your own.          Scarf on your head,        hope in your veins,            miracle in your womb,             fierce loyalty and friendship surrounding everything else.                                        You are stunning.

Good Morning,     you          who my be starting another day    crossing your fingers     trying to muster up the positivity in an unexpected season of    one  no  after  another.    Who spends your hours searching and reading,    compiling and applying,     trying    still     to   reach the place of           y e s.            You, who fights every day against not only the seen, but the unseen    –   who is constantly learning how to balance, manage, overcome, learn, grow, heal.                                                                                                                                       You are not forgotten.

It may be a day where    G o o d    is not the thing of which you feel first, or most.
But I come to you, lovely you, with a genuine offering of good for your morning.
With a word of peace, a heart of kindness, a join of compassion.
You don’t have to feel anything other than what you feel right this moment. For this bit, rest. For this minute, do not change, do not do or be or express anything else than what comes naturally.                   Let all quiet around you….


When you’re ready   and only when you’re ready   I offer you the only tool in my box,
the only quality worth giving:
L   o   v   e
For all the “you”s in my life: I know some of you better than others. I know some of you only through words on screens. I knew some of you once. I know some of you through others. I know others of you deeply – all, most, or some of my life.                                 Regardless, I see you.
 I see you.
     And you are living your day, your minute, your life – showing me what brave looks like; how vulnerability sings; how strength shines; what living is and how gorgeous you do it. In all your ways, in the small, in the large, in the quiet – unassuming, and in the loud – wonderfully noticeable.
        There is a light radiating not only from you, but upon you. From a height where gracious and glory originate.
You are magnified by illuminating elegance.        You are cherished.
You teach me how to be all of these things and more.
       The wonder – how we can do that for each other.        Give strength, hope, honesty, genuineness – all while merely being who we are and living the life in front of us.
                                                        One step at a time.            The only way we can.
Rather than focusing on the lack I feel weighted beneath, the voice I feel unworthy to whisper, I choose to change my direction.     From seeing inward    to settling out.      To noticing you who breathes in an out with such amazing urgency to be in your moment and not run or shrink or hide.
     You inspire me.      All of you.            You may not be the ones mentioned today, but know that you’re celebrated and seen and you       teach       me        S O        much.
“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.”
~ Matthew 5:14-15
Thank you for radiance.

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