[*Originally appeared on my former site.*]

This is the last post I’ll write here.

I’ve moved on from Blogger.
Attending Allume this past year, Logan advised something wise: “don’t build on borrowed land”.

I’ve enjoyed Blogger during the years. It’s simple. Controllable. Yet it’s allowed me to be complacent in my space rather than creative. I haven’t taken ownership like so many have – as they’ve shown the way, I’ve sat back and admired – while feeling slightly shamed in my own ways, because they were so simplistic. Neglected.

This is not realistic, mind you. I know there is no reason to feel shamed by the space that did house my words for so long. The truth is, I’m grateful for it. Without this platform, it never would have begun.

Still, since Allume, shifts have moved in my foundations. Under the surface and teeming over.

It’s time to step into the new.

I have a new website. Thanks to WordPress – I have a new home for prose and pondering.

This is partial reason for the long silence lately. I’ve been crafting, shaping, teasing and testing. It’s not easy. I am not a graphic designer. My skills are laughable at best and dismal in truth. I’m in way over my head but I’ve done the best I can with my resources. I do plan on building it more – using the vision, pulling in the resources of people I’m blessed to know who do this for a living, for an art, as their gifting bestowed.

Yet for now, I am happy with what it has become – and it’s mine. It’s an address in the wide open world and I welcome you into it with me.

In one week, all visits to this old address will automatically direct you to the new.

Soon I will be hosing give-a-ways and contests to build up who I’m calling my “Encouragers”. My team of joiners on the journey to wisdom, life, growth, love, and learning. My family near and far.

Writers, readers, humans of beautiful imperfection – just like me.

So come over and explore a bit.

New posts will not be far behind.

I cannot tell you enough in truth: I am so thankful for you.

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