Happy Saturday, friends.

I’m starting something new today that will become a semi-regular event.

*Give-away Day*

Give-away day will serve a few purposes.

  1. To share beautiful items meant to brighten your space, encourage your days and to share a piece of me, with you.
  2. To grow a team of encouragers and online community – meant to uphold the calling outlined in Hebrews 10:23-25
            “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering,
    for He who promised is faithful; and let us consider how to stimulate
    one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling
    together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more
    as you see the day drawing near.”
  3. To gather together and share a praise, a prayer request, a note of support or even a laugh. The comment section of these posts will be a watering hole at which to lift one another up. To be accountable to each other and to wear the knowledge that none of us are alone in our days. Even if miles separate, even if it feels at times that our hearts are weary.

It is my intention to invite you in. I have been working on vulnerability and honesty – the letting loose the pebbles which have gathered together to build a fortress over the years. Meant at first, as protection – but which has instead become a barrier to authentic community and unhindered living – from which flows the grace of the Spirit.

Can you relate? 

If yes, then welcome here. Let’s learn together how to be free.

If no, then welcome here. Teach us how He has enabled you to walk in the boundless grace. Share your heart that we may grow, and allow us to share ours with you, for as community and members of the Body (all endowed with varying gifts) we cluster our differences to shine the diverse nature of a Creative Architect. We are the varying brushstrokes of one masterpiece. 

So today – is my very first give-away! I’m pretty excited about it. For today’s gift, a beautiful print of Kayla Aimee‘s. She is a blogger, a DIY enthusiast, fellow Southern sister. While at Allume, I saw her lovely prints and gathered some – knowing I wanted to begin this sharing sometime soon on my own blog. Visit Kayla’s website for more stunning printables, books, and authentic words.


I have two to give away today. Here’s how this will work:

  • Your name will be entered into a drawing, held on Friday, January 29th.
    • Like my FB page – or if you already have, invite others to like it as well. For every person you invite that likes it, your name is entered once. It will also be entered once, if you like it for the first time. Those that like the page from your invitation will also have their name in the drawing, and so forth if they invite others. (To let me know who you personally invited, send me a FB message from my page and list the names you invited. I’ll keep an eye out if they follow-up.)
    • Become one of my encouragers. You can do this by going to my home page, scrolling to the bottom, and signing up for e-mail subscription. Becoming an “encourager” gets your name in the drawing three times! (Bonus, right?)
    • Share your favorite post from my website (choose from any of them) that you particularly enjoyed on your twitter or facebook. Tag me in the share (Twitter handle is @jl_kay; for FB, you have to first like the page, then you can tag it by putting the @ symbol before typing “Daily Refined”) and for each share, you’ll get your name in the drawing.
    • Lastly, you can comment on this post below. Because I truly want this to be a place of honest support and unity, I hope you’ll feel comfortable to share a quick prayer request. I pledge to personally pray for you in sincerity throughout this week. Whatever you feel comfortable sharing, either little or lots – I am honored and want you to know I have a heart for  prayer. I’ve seen the power and effects of its movement. You can share a praise that has occurred in your life recently or in the life of your family. Let’s celebrate together! You can comment with a funny story, a poem or song lyric. You can even just simply post a hi, and an introduction into who you are. For every comment, your name will be entered twice.
  • There is not a limit of one of the above options. If you chose to do all, your name will be entered that many times, as indicated. Remember, I have two to give so share away!

I’m truly excited about this part of my website and I’m thankful that you would consider joining me. Who doesn’t like free stuff and encouragement?!

Have a wonderful Saturday! I look forward to living life alongside you.

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