Good Morning!

I don’t know about you, but it’s an early one for me. Yesterday ended up having some unexpected, emotionally draining moments. Still, it ended well and I was under those covers early for bed. I cannot complain there.

Today is drawing day! The prize awaits!

Firstly, I want to thank those of you who participated. This was the first of many, but it boosted my heart to see the support.


I hope this print will bring blessing and reminder of the support we are to have for one another in this life. I huge thank you, again, to Kayla Aimee who not only creates these amazing pieces, but who supported this give-away. Visit her blog for so many spectacular words and works.

The winners of this very first Give-away day are:

  1. Joshua Lemon
  2. L.A. – (Lmg829)


CONGRATULATIONS! I will be contacting each of you later this evening via e-mail for your addresses so I can ship your items this weekend.

I hope that everyone reading this has a day of peace, thanksgiving, and rest. Whatever is occurring in your life today, may all the worrisome and weary fall at the feet of the Only One meant to bear the load. May only peace, hope and joy remain.


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