I experienced my first rejection around age 5 or 6.

What I remember most from this rejection story is that I noticed it easily. Maybe more easily than a child should, but then again, children are sponges and aware of way more than that for which we give them credit.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve better understood the impact of how a young mind can learn to hold herself differently so she doesn’t have to experience the kind of repelling effect she has. That it becomes a thread in the fabric through which she see herself and with which she presents herself to the world.

~ ~ ~

I’m honored to be guest posting about Rejection and Recovery’ on my beautiful friend Lauren’s blog today as a part of her Womanly Wednesday Series. She graciously provided me an opportunity to speak out-loud that which we rarely talk about: rejection. My heart’s hope is that you are able to step into the space and know that stories don’t end with the times of being left. Our stories (yours and mine) will continue to grow and they can instead end in recovery and recompense.

Thank you so much Lauren for opening up your beautiful space to a piece of my story. 

Rejection & Recovery image

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