A few weeks ago, while on a lunch break at work, I daydreamed of Colorado (like I do basically every day of my life, no matter where I am). For fun and kicks, I searched online for flights – thinking that I didn’t have a lot planned this year and I could may steal away for a three day weekend, right?

They were thoughts of fancy that quickly turned into “I want to do this. I can do this. So, why not?” Thus the playful search for a flight turned into a spontaneous and fully-booked trip within 30 minutes.

I am headed to my favorite place in the Country – Estes Park, CO.

The clincher, was that I saw that it was only a 9.5 hour drive. That’s all?!?
love road trips.      TRULY.

Welcome to Estes Park, Colorado

Open road, radio blaring – I’m a rock star in my car y’all. I’m that person you laugh at on the highway when you randomly look over and realize they just don’t care and they are jammin’. That’s me all the way!

9.5 hours is nothing. I drove 12 hours on my own in one day when I moved from TX to Missouri. Not only is it doable, it was a no-brainer because with gas this cheap, I can travel on roughly $60 (thank you, my sweet car, for your amazing gas mileage) instead of a flight for over $200.

The reason (other than I love spontaneity and random adventure)? I need to sequester myself in a place that breathes life into me – so that I can write this book.

I need to remove the distractions and spark the desire that stirs me to do this – to listen to His desires – and run this race marked out for me.

There are so many reasons I internally chant day after day that I should not be attempting this book. But they’re all liars and bullies and in direct opposition from the affirming and basically commanding voice of the One who’s been building this for years. As any writer of faith will tell you they are His words anyway. He gives the call and the tenacity and the direction and the more we listen, the more it pours out. We aren’t some kind of special creatures who can do this on our own. He just promises that for EVERYTHING He calls us to do, He has already equipped us for the mission.

I’m terrified every day that I made it public that I’m even attempting this! Yet it’s a good kind of fear. It stands in the way of my normal path of behavior to talk myself out of the commission and calling. This is not for reasons of the world. I may never sell a single copy, it may not be pretty or as relate-able as I truly believe this topic is – but that is not the goal nor the important part of this endeavor. Me, stepping into the obedience of His beckoning, is the purpose and path. 

So, off to Estes Park I go! I leave early tomorrow morning (Saturday). Anyone who knows me that there’s always a slight chance I’ll never come back. (I jest.) I cannot wait for days in my favorite town, solitary time to be inspired and get some work on page. I cannot wait for mountains and trees and local shops and breathtaking moments. Four days in the mountains is a dream come true (if I can’t have a lifetime there).

Estes Hotel
The lobby of the Lodge where I’ll be staying

Memories will be cherished and kept. Smiles will not abate. Hopefully productivity will flow – for this I sincerely ask your prayers.

Additionally, for my praying friends, may I ask your help in prayers in the following?
~ For focus and the ability to listen to inspiration.
~ For peace to outlast fear.
~ For safety on the road – I start driving tomorrow around 3 a.m.
~ For sincere an unrestrained vulnerability – during this time with my Father and Counselor.
~ For rest and joy.

Thank you my friends. I am truly thrilled that the time is here and that I had the freedom in this blessed season of my life to be able to just take off and take away to another state and environment. It is not lost on me, how glorious that is and how rare.

Until next week…


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