Good Morning! It’s the beautiful time again to give away something wonderful.

This product is another great item I found at Allume and I know it will be the perfect gift for the chef or aspiring chef in your home.


Tori Winkelman shares her first published work in the form of this unique and engaging cookbook & devotional. Some of her fondest childhood memories come from sitting around the kitchen table with her family. “Each day, after sitting down at the table, my dad would bless the food, and then we would talk, laugh, and tell stories about our day while enjoying the beautiful meal my mom had prepared. It was something so simple; bit it drew our family closer together.”

Tori lines up a variety of Easy Chilaquiles, Belgian Benedict, Homemade Maple Syrup, Pineapple Brunch Punch and so many more breakfast recipes. The truly neat thing is that devotionals accompany each recipe. In over 155 pages, she shares such a unique vision for opportunities of praise and worship and growth while cooking for yourself and your family or friends. I think this is such a terrific idea. Check out her website (link above in her name) for more lovely images, ideas, and creativity!

For this Give-Away Day, here’s the situation:

  • The drawing will be held on Friday, March 11th.
  • We’re sticking with the Facebook Website Page as one of the first opportunities for entry. Your name is entered twice for your ‘like’. For every person you invite to like my page, that does, you’ll get one more entry – per person. [If you invite others, send me a message through my page with the names, and I’ll be on the lookout for the follow-up.]
  • Tweet with the hashtag #DailyRefined and include my handle (@jl_kay). You can tweet anything you like, a post, a shout out, a photo from one of my posts, an encouragement for others to check out my website – anything you want. Each tweet equals one more entry into the drawing. If you tweet on multiple days, you can get into the drawing one more time, for each new day. Here’s a shortened bitly link to my website that you can copy and paste if desired:
  • Lastly, leave a comment here, below. I mean it sincerely when I say I don’t do this for me. I want this place to become a resting spot for community and encouragement. Post a prayer request if you feel led and I commit and promise to pray for you throughout this week. I do not take prayer lightly and I am sincere when I say you will be lifted by this sister’s heart. Post a praise so I can celebrate what God is doing in your life this week, or in the lives of those you love. You can comment with a funny story, a poem or song lyric. You can even just simply post a hi, and an introduction into who you are. I would be so honored to connect! For every comment, your name will be entered twice.

As usual, you can choose to partake in all three options above and your name can be entered a minimum of 5 times with the opportunity for more depending on the invitations for my FB page or a tweet on more than one day.

Thank you for your support and cheers. I’ve been touched by the kindness of others as I continue to pursue the dreams He’s placed on my heart, working to finally step more into obedience and to stop allowing the fear to delay my “here I am, send me” in the realm of writing.

I can’t wait to see who becomes the lucky new owner of this one-of-a-kind cookbook. Have an amazing week everyone!


2 Comments on “Give-Away Day [Again!]”

  1. This is such a special page. I’m honored to see others enjoying your writing because I may have invited them. Blessings to you!


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