Good Morning friends!

Happy Friday! Did it come just in time for anyone else? Oddly enough, today feels like a Monday to me. That can’t be good.

Still, I bought myself a cappuccino and I’m drinking plenty of water and I have promised myself productivity.

Today is drawing day!!


I was particularly honored because the participants this week were beautiful gals I knew in High School and college (and a treasure-friend whom I met through a mutual friend in college. We’ve never met face to face but she has been a beacon of wisdom and support from day 1).
Two of my fellow HS choir girls helped out and I smiled wide at seeing their names!

Also, I reached my 100th Facebook page like thanks to my Amy – my joy partner and hug bestie from college. (She loved hugs as much as I did and smiled as much too. We got along famously!) Amy gets a special gift for being that milestone and I’m thrilled.

This week’s drawing winner is:

Jennifer Turner

Thank you so much ladies for your words and showering of love. I am humbled to see your faces, even on screen, after all this time.

Jennifer, I will be messaging you later today to get your address so I can mail you the cookbook. I hope you find use and enjoyment within its pages.

Until next time, have a Friday and an upcoming weekend filled with recuperation and rest. May you listen to what your mind and body need these next few days and allow yourself whatever it may be to stay healthy and thriving.

~ All my gratitude ~

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