I know I’ve let much fall to the wayside her at my website.

I think I will be able to be better at dedicating time and energy into that which matters most to me – The Word, prayer, journaling, reading, study, and of course writing.

Today [the day I wrote this] has been a truly great day! I can barely type now between the bursts of laughter… My dog Sadie is running circles around the length of my apartment, savagely (code for daintily and adorably) flinging around her new toy that I brought home today – a yellow giraffe from Target. She is “growling” which sounds more like my asthma than anything threatening, and she is making her mama laugh! (I’m trying to focus here baby!) I just gave her a bath – well, shower…I tried something new – and she is doing her part to dry herself off. You know, tongue hanging out and running around, flailing her toy like the great warrior she is.

I will dedicate a post soon to how Sadie came to be my family. I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent but she is seriously making me laugh. If you can’t picture it, I wish you could!

Back to the reason I’m here today. I know it’s no mystery – it’s another Give-away day! Boy is this a great prize!


Zondervan was gracious enough to send me two copies of this gorgeous Bible. One for myself to review the product and one to give-away as a promotion. They have been developing this new bible for a while and when I saw the plans for the Beautiful Word Bible at Allume last year, I knew I would want to dive in and peruse its pages more.

I have already begun making some of my own illustrations, though that is a skill in which a greatly lack. Thankfully, for those like me, there are plenty of printed illustrations already included. I cannot describe fully how it brings the Word of God in a new dimension – so visually alluring, it enhances the perfect Word already recorded by allowing your brain and eyes to process it in more than one way. It’s a wonderful way to experience His letters. Also, to those who have amazing talent at illustration and graphic art and more – it gives you so much freedom and space to add your own. While you study you are able to process immediately, right on the page, and create a way to store it in your brain and remind your eyes just how powerful Scripture can be on all levels.

The Beautiful Word Bible has hit the stores so now anyone can grab a copy and start enjoying. The version they decided upon was the NIV. For those who grew up in the church it will surely bring back memories of popular phrasing and structure. For those who are more new with versions or maybe just didn’t grow up in a church that used this version, the NIV is a poetically structured style while maintaining the integrity of the original meaning and grouping. When I say poetic, don’t worry if that puts you off – I don’t mean confusing or nonsensical (though those are the last adjectives I personally would use to describe poetry, I know I’m unique in my passion for its form). I mean that it flows with such ease and its use of descriptive writing makes for a stunning setting across each book.





I sincerely believe this will be a blessing to you. Or maybe it will make the perfect gift for the person God laid on your heart right now. Whichever way you choose to use this – use it well and with the beauty of absorbing His truths.

Zondervan provides some good tips for illustrating:

1. Use the right pen: Look for a pen designed for Bible journaling to minimize bleed through and tears. There are many options in plenty of colors. Or, try your hand at colored pencils which make a great alternative to pens.

2. Practice on scrap paper: Learn key factors like spacing and ink drying time before you make your mark on your Bible.

3. Use back pages: When you get comfortable and want to move to Bible paper, try the pages in the back to help build confidence.

4. Integrate Washi tape: Just a little tape under favorite verses and around the edge adds a lot of interest to the pages

5. Peel and stick: You name it, there is a sticker for it. From letters and pictures, to shapes, ribbons, and designs. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist to brighten your pages with stickers.

6. Stencil and stamp: Just like stickers, there are endless options in these categories to enhance your Bible without having an art degree.

7. Appreciate the paper: Use the translucency to your advantage by tracing your favorite images directly onto the Bible paper.

8. Get inspired: Reflect on the designs found in NIV Beautiful Word Bible or your favorite verse art to help spark ideas.

9. Don’t stress about mistakes: You will make them – learn and let go of perfection!

You’ll notice why I’m not a tattoo artist or artist period. My sad attempt at recreating my tattoo next to the verse which it originated from.




Lastly, in addition to the Beautiful Word Bible, I will be including a trial pack of Plexus plus Accelerator. No, I’m not a Plexus Ambassador. I don’t sell or market. I decided months ago to give it a try personally. To see how it could help with my body, my digestion, my energy.

The most consistent product I use ended up being the infamous pink drink. It really is delicious and darn it if it didn’t legitimately curb my cravings for bad food or sugar and give me energy through the long afternoons. I have better rest when it’s time and better reaction and choices in my food and portions.

To be fair, I mostly always make healthier choices anyway, but my struggle is with sugar (mainly chocolate). I still enjoy it – that will never change. But what did change is how often I would reach for sugar or chocolate. I’m talking 4 or so times a day to 1 or zero because I just didn’t crave it.


That is merely my experience. I’m still firm on not selling, but there is never any harm in having the ability to share a sample with someone else to see if it makes a difference.

I am truly excited about this give-away. I know the Bible especially is an amazing thing to be able to share. I have a huge and “thank you” to Zondervan for providing a copy not only for me, but one to encourage another.

The Entry

Today’s way to enter the give-away drawing will be the following:

1. Comment on one of my last three posts (from March to current). In the comment, share why you chose that post and one fun fact about yourself. I want us to have a two-way street of sharing lives with one another!

2. I have a new album on my Facebook Website page which holds all of the graphics I’ve made since creating the page. I’ll often take a photo either I have personally captured or one from the amazing share sites like Death to Stock, Unsplash or Barn Images, and create a visual encouragement using scripture, quotes from authors or individuals I admire, or even snippets of my own work from prior posts.
Share one image on your either your FB wall or Instagram and use the hashtag #DailyRefined. If you share via Instagram, tag my handle so I’ll know you posted (@j_leighk) . If you share via FB, please share directly from the album on my Website page.

3. Subscribe to receive new posts in your inbox. The subscribe option is on my home page of dailyrefined.com.

Each entry will get your name in the drawing once. If you choose to do all three, you will get your name in three times.

I love it when give-away day rolls around! Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. For being patient in the silent times, for being so supportive in the times new posts do arise. If you haven’t learned by now, when I write, it just comes pouring out. So it can be big or heavy or random. Sticking along side that, finding a way to relate – means more than you could ever know.

Have a wonderful week! We’ll have the drawing on Friday!


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