I’ve been silent about what’s been brewing these last few months. It feels nice to still be protective of personal information – as opposed to sharing every facet the moment it occurs.

That isn’t a judgment by the way – because I participate in this Social-Media-saturated world as well. As a writer in this decade, it’s a necessity. Gathering your audience, connecting to others, being accessible. It’s part of the job. It’s also part of who I’ve always been. Open-book (most of the time, not always). Being personable has never been hard for me. I’ve never been shy.

That may be why I enjoyed this withholding all the more.
It is unique, and it was a breath of fresh air. 




For the past few months, I began to seriously consider something I honestly didn’t give much thought to in previous years. Mostly due to the amazing way my life had been directed thus far. Mostly because I was fine with how things were.

Most who know me know the history of my zip codes and state lines.
Texas born and raised for 26 years.
Massachusetts for 3 stretching, fun-filled, growing, beautiful, difficult and rich years.
Texas again briefly.
Missouri for the past 4 years and 19 days.


My cousin asked not long ago, “So, are you getting antsy yet? Ready to head somewhere else?” I explained that it was never about me becoming tired of one place. That in all honesty, each of my moves were not initiated by me, but sincerely driven by His leading, nudging, direction and call. God has been the author of my adventures since my eyes saw light for the first time. He created me with a heart filled with wonder, exploration and intent on the making of memories. I’ve been grateful every day for that.

You may think you know where this post is leading. I don’t mean to mislead, but speaking about this lays the foundation for what comes next.

How He took me by surprise once again and planted a thought that gave birth to heading down one of life’s first time moments.

After two months of scheduling and beginning the search. After weeks of wondering if the timing was right and knowing with the peace that comes from only One Source – that whatever door opened or closed was meant to be that way – it took shape into the clear step that would be my next adventure….


I’m buying my first home.


Seriously. It’s actually happening.

As in, two days ago my offer was accepted on the second house for which I bid.

As in the inspection is next week and I close on August 30th.


It won’t feel real to me. Even saying it out loud – it still doesn’t. Perhaps not even when I move in, will it even begin to sink.

I didn’t share this and it felt right to approach it that way. I don’t think in the first couple of weeks that anyone knew, except of course, my realtor. Who happens to be my amazing, beautiful friend. [Side note, having someone whom you trust completely and who has the personality of genuine care and not an ounce of high-strung posturing, is terrific. She is instead one of the most grounded and relaxed people I know and I feel just as grounded and relaxed every moment I spend with her. Y’all, I hope you have a realtor like that, but more importantly, I hope you have a friend like that.]

I worked with her when I first moved here, though she started after I did, maybe by half a year. Who really remembers? The point is that she and I both have obviously moved on and not only is she amazing at her new career, she is the most perfect person I could have chosen to walk this step with me. She explained what I didn’t know and was patient while I figured out what I was interested in and wanted.

I then only revealed this to my family (they were great at watching Sadie last minute when I’d have viewings after work) and shortly after, four friends who are not local, because telling them everything is just what I do. Still, I did want to keep is close to the vest after these few.

I think because it feels good to have something, even if just for a short while, that is just mine and His. Where the intimacy and the knowledge is contained and I can breathe deep in the security of taking certain turns in life slowly, with distinct observation and allowing myself to soak up the experience with my mind rather than my words.

Then, when it’s time, like now, to share this with other people I care for and whom I know are behind me in all the varied stages of my life, I smile even while thinking about revealing it, because I know they (you) will be warm and kind and come behind me in celebration. It is not because I’ll have recognition (cause that is awkward and those who really know me, know that in the theater of life, I want to be right in the middle of all the action – even offstage but ever-involved – but not by being the solo in the spotlight where all the attention [read, scrutiny] is pointed). Instead it’s because I see the value in letting others in to share the highs and lows, the large and menial events. That is the Body. That is living life outward.


Oh how I light up when I think of the people who I can welcome into a space of my very own. My blades of grass and textures of walls. My floors and chairs. I cannot comprehend it. (This is the front of my house above.)

I know this isn’t a downplay step. It’s big. At least it is for me.

My nephews are over the moon. When I asked them what they thought if “Aunt Leigh” were to buy a house here, near them, and stay for a little while – actual light filled their eyes and I received a growing number of years that it would be appropriate that I stay. What began as 5, quite quickly grew to 8 and 20. [Insert heart-bursting and love swelling.]

Of course I do not know what the future holds.
Yes, my heart still longs for Colorado.
No, this does not mean giving up on my dream or closing doors by making “big” decisions.
It means that I want to invest in something that will build value rather than toss money away in rent.
It means that I am at a place in life where it’s financially wise and I’m actually financially capable all on my own.
It means that I choose to invest in the job I have, that I feel comfortable that God is allowing me to watch my nephews grow into men and spend treasured time with my Dad and Mom as we all get older. It means I can continue to build a relationship with my Sister (aka “Seeester”) and enjoy every minute of this gift of family that I don’t take for granted.

It means that I took this decision to my knees in prayer. I asked and let Him lead every step. When I was rejected for the first house I bid on, I didn’t even flinch. I wouldn’t have here either. Because I know that wherever He leads is the path on which I want to travel. I have every year of these past 34. I will continue without waiver.

So, with that said…
Let’s have a little tour, shall we?

Fire 1

Welcome to my soon-to-be home. You are seeing the front door on the right of each photo above and below these sentences.Fire 2

^  The garage door is to the left of the fireplace, and the deck is farther left.


This is where the heart stops in “for real??” moments. Actually, that was the initial reaction anyway, who am I kidding?
Open floor plan, right to the stunning kitchen…

Kitchen 1

I’ll get some steps in when going from stove to island, I’ll tell ya.
What I should have mentioned earlier: the way the house is now, what we see in these photos, no one has ever lived in it or used the rooms/appliances/yard.
The gentleman who bought this house is a professional flip buyer. He quite literally gutted the entire house. The foundation and the roof and the bones are the only thing that stayed. Walls came down, every piece from the paint to the floors, from the appliances to the cabinets, from the deck to the 12 energy efficient windows…everything is new. Unused. Stunning.

Kitchen 2

I mean, I get to be the first to bake in this oven. Y’all know that excites me like no other!
(And that back-splash has my number. As do these freakin’ amazing floors!)

Kitchen 3

The hallway you see, the first door on the left that’s closed is the coat closet. There are two other doors open on the left that you can’t quite see. A bedroom, each. The open door at the end is the Master bedroom (so a 3 bedroom house).

Main BedroomHalf Bath

Master Bedroom and half bath en suite.

Guest Bedroom 2Guest Bedroom

Two up, the guest bedroom.

Office 2Office

Those two above, what I’ll use as my office. Can be another guest room if needed, but my creative space is this room. Very happy to have a set space. I immediately felt creativity here. It is hard to explain.


Main, full bathroom. [A total of 1.5 bath in the house.]
I cannot form words…this bathroom is so gorgeous – and bigger than this angle appears.


I mean…new everything. And I just want to stare at the wall.


One car garage, but a large driveway. That door on the right leads to the living room. The fireplace on the other side of the wall. New garage door, automatic.


The basement. Seriously the cleanest unfinished basement I’ve ever seen. This will be where I can add value and equity and a future 2nd bathroom and living area/suite.

Deck 1

You will find me here and only here every day of Autumn. This deck!!

Deck 2Backyard 1

The yard is basically the perfect setting for a flag football game. Maybe a smaller Ultimate Frisbee area. There is a chain link fence around the property, but you cannot see it because it’s wrapped in natural overgrowth. If the photo were showing the point of view from my deck, outward, you would see that I basically have a mini forest in my backyard. Large trees and my favorite type of land basically.

Backyard 2

The door in the bottom left is the walk-out basement entry/exit.

That’s the gist of it. Like I mentioned, there’s still the inspection and the appraisal. Anyone who has bought a home knows that it’s not really mine until the Closing day. So I’m still taking it lightly (okay,  I know I just gushed over the photos, so let’s say as lightly as I can after showing you around).

In all honesty, if something were to fall through before that Closing day, then I would know that it wasn’t meant to be. I would thank God for intervening and wait until January to look again (that’s when my lease is up, but I’m breaking it and was open for that as long as I found a place by move-in September 1st).

This is a new adventure of a different sort. I am thankful for a way to use money going in, as an investment that will pay off going forward. I am thankful for the opportunity to host others, to have an open door for those who need rest, welcome, a meal (or ten), laughter, safety. I long to honor Him with this space.

Nothing we have is truly ours. They are gifts and responsibilities to be stewards of and to invest in the goodness of this world and His glory. I am stunned that I can finally have walls in which to house these goals and His calling.

Thank you for spending what may have been much too long a time reading this entire post. Thank you for support, advice, good thoughts, prayers. Thank you to Heather, my Realtor in shining armor. [Click the link to visit her FB Realtor Page.] I was her work goal this week and I’m elated that I could help her meet that goal! She is on fire y’all and I am legitimately endorsing anyone in the surrounding KC, MO area to HIRE HER. You will not be disappointed. She’ll become your fast friend too and make you feel calm and secure. She’ll treat you like a friend, not a number or a paycheck. Cannot speak enough of her wonderful self.

With all this revelation, I’m off to bed. This will go live in about an hour so to everyone – Happy Thursday!


2 Comments on “What Happens Next”

  1. It is altogether lovely — a perfect reflection of you!!! I’m so thrilled for you, friend!!! {HUGS} To God be the glory for all the great things that will be done through this big step. eek!!


    • Thank you my friend!! Hugs felt and reciprocated. It would be grace indeed if you were ever to be under the same roof. We have to find a way to do that. Somewhere. Some day. 💙


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