There are dry seasons to everything.
Drought rather than rain.
Stagnation rather than growth.
Silence rather than flourish of writing/communicating.
Complacency where there used to be drive, striving, reaching.

Everyone goes through these at various and repetitive points in life. I have not met one who is immune.

I think there’s a solidarity, no matter the culture, race, gender, education of a person – that we can all understand that experience. The still. The calm before the impending something.


I haven’t written in months. Obviously this is not the first long term break. Yet it never ceases to feel like a part of me is unhealthy, not functioning properly – when these seasons occur. I always improve in spirit, knowledge, perspective, sanctification when I write. When I create as I was made to do. Even if just in personal pages of a journal. Even if just in a file marked private on my own laptop. Sometimes those are the most cathartic times. Sometimes…

There are a lot of experiences I have had lately that provide new ways I can relate to others who went before me. Life experiences, areas of learning. Along with numerous ways I can join the ranks of others in life who have a story to tell – I know there will always be new memories, new advances, new lessons (difficult and easy).

So here’s to you…


Here’s to the ones who feel accomplished.
Who crossed a personal milestone. Bought a house, bought a car, paid off a loan, reconciled with a friend, advanced at work.

Here’s to the ones who feel happy.
In a good place in life, in career, in relationships, personally, internally, health-wise or mentally or physically.

Here’s to the ones who feel lost & confused.
Who thought they knew what to expect from something and instead, were thrown far beyond sight. Who thought they knew what to do or who to trust or where to go. Who now question what they know at all.

Here’s to ones who surprise even themselves.
Who do things they didn’t expect. Who wrestle with what that means, how that fits into life going forward.jq_rrjgun3s-richard-nolan

Here’s to those who need to forgive.
Another. Oneself. The world.

Here’s to those who are afraid.
Afraid to speak up. Afraid to comment on something important to them. Afraid to voice what they need. Afraid to trust others. To do the scary things. To let the walls down. To be themselves.

Here’s to those who dream.
Who long for something. Who may not know how it will come but who take the steps, the crawls, the inches toward that dream. Simply because they must. In order to be. To live. You show others what bravery looks like. Not because you know you’ll get there or that it will look like you imagined, but because you are trying.


Here’s to those who love.
Who ask hard questions because you want to encourage growth in those you care about. Who listen without judgement because you know the sheer miracle of such an act of service. Who lift others up because you’ve been lifted. Who lift even if no one has lifted for you. Who break patterns of unhealthy behavior. Who see the best in others. Who long to have them see it in themselves. Who heal the world merely by being kind, full of grace, showers of mercy.

Here’s to those who always want to learn.
To experience something new. Who have the humility to know they can always be taught something. That they may not have the best perspective, the only voice, the right view, the best view.


I am an introspective extrovert. If you aren’t one too, you may not know what the heck that means.

For me, it means I light up around others. I love feeling their energy and enjoying fellowship and community. It means that when I process the interaction or if I have any other processing to do in general, it’s quiet. It’s silent. It’s not always conductive to do so out loud – though there are times where that’s the only way I will see a full picture – because of another’s ability to walk through it with me. These are times of special treasure.

Yet on frequency, I process through mulling over. Praying, writing, reading, walking outside, staring seemingly at nothing, though it helps to do so. I look at things from multiple angles, all while seeming quiet (or “upset” – as those who only know the vivacious me tend to interpret when I’m not animated as much).

I haven’t necessarily been absent from writing because I had things to process. Yet I do moreso now and I think that I will do so in my regular way – but I feel I am going to have to write it out. It may be here in limited detail, it may be on my own – in full detail. It will most assuredly be both.

My intent today was to get that rolling – to open up my mind and heart so that anxiousness doesn’t creep in because I haven’t adhered to the practice in so very long.

I had such a lovely time this morning of open dialogue and deep conversation with a dear, beautiful friend. She showed me such love by asking questions. By hearing my heart and she stirred in me the ability to go deeper into myself. She opened up that door again and what a way to love! She refreshed me simply by being herself and by knowing me.

I’ve been fortunate to have another do that for me over this last couple of weeks and this only extends the feeling of gratitude. To be known by those I respect, whom I know are always for me.

So here’s to them.
Here’s to you.
Here’s to going deeper and daring to make something lovely.
To us.


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