Soon, I’ll fly to a state in which I’ve never been. Then I’ll be a passenger in a car to another state I’ve never been.

I’ll be one in only 40 women in a secluded spot, staying in what used to be a convet. A holy space that will be the same for us. 

I’ll get to hug a woman I admire whom I, in blessing, finally met face-to-face over a year and a half ago. 

I’ll get to finally embrace a kindred spirit for the first time, where we’ve been connected across the time zones for years now. Writing can bring those who share passions, so very close. 

Refine, the retreat, comes in two weeks. 

My insides stir in anticipation for the quiet, the connection, the wisdom seeking and worship pouring. I crave these times. Set aside for journaling, fellowship mixed with introvert hours – perfect for growth and recuperation. 
Kris has hosted these days before and this will be my first time joining. I love the vision for keeping it small, intimate, low-key and filled with Spirit. My heart longs for that environment. 

He awakens me in such spaces. Though His pursuit is unceasing – in the every day of life as well as the carved out weekends. 

I am not truly myself when in dry seasons of writing. 

I am the only one to blame for those spells. Yet He graciously gives me times to return. And I sit in thankfulness. 

So soon I go. We gather. He moves. 


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