I know.

It’s been….a long while. I’m honestly going to be incredibly surprised if there is even a “you” reading this. I may have lost the small pairs of eyes I did have, due to this belabored absence.

So much has occurred. Beautiful things. Excruciating things. Life.
We all experience it.


There is clutter and clamor in the minute details. It is both daunting and delicate.

I could use one post here to bullet list all the in-betweens. Yet I honestly don’t want to. I’m not feeling that kind of catching up. It feels good merely to type again. To sit here, exhaling large and often. Pausing in this space…




I will say (to jump right into it) that the too-large-to-hide-behind-a-curtain development is that in less than 3 months, I’ll become a wife.

A drastically different role than ever before, and still something that can still seem so foreign and awe-filled.

Even as I handle the details and planning, it hits home on some days while others it seems so unreal.

There is this man who has captured my heart. Who decided he wants to stand by my side forever. It is a small miracle, isn’t it?

I’m not naive – neither of us are. We know that marriage is no small act. It is gigantic and weighted and permanent (to us, it is not taken lightly). We have our own roads that led us here. We are choosing (and know that we will continue to make that choice over and over again) to invest in one another and in our lives. I will write another post on another day about just how varied this new life will look from the one I had picked out before we met. I wouldn’t change a thing about my path neither before nor after. I love my life. I loved it before, I’m going to love it after I say “I do”.

The expanse of days passed, moments breezing by, the whirlwind of the weeks, months, years….it’s funny how it happens without our expectation. There is so much more to my past year than just one event, but even I’ll admit – it’s a fairly big one. One I’m honored by every day.



I’ve missed my times of music in the background, no one else around, just writing. I’ve missed this. Life has been beautifully busy and packed with travel, memories, laughter, day-to-day, meals, adventures, and everything large and small in between. I know that I can take any time to write. I will come back to it more. Because it’s a piece of my soul. It’s how I breathe easier – through anything. It’s how I live larger and deeper. It will come back to the forefront.

It’s time.

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