Welcome back! Today, is part 2 of our birth story. At the end of this post, you’ll find a link for Part 1 in case you missed it…

The pregnancy

In a nutshell, my pregnancy was generously easy. I never had morning sickness (only slight nausea less than a handful of times) and my main symptoms were back and sciatica pain (those were pretty persistent and un-fun), and fatigue.

I was on the high risk path and saw a specialist as well as my normal OB. However all visits at the specialist went so well, that I stopped going after a few months once everything was checking out. The high risk doctor did change my due date as he was measuring on the smaller side. The original due date was the 19th of June, and the high risk doctor changed it to June 24th, where it stayed.

As we began our every-2-week appointments and neared the every week appointment, they of course started to take a closer look. With the quarantine practices, James stopped being able to come with me to appointments. Since we didn’t do ultrasounds past week 24 or so (due to my clearance of things going well from all doctors), he stopped coming and I would just call him and have him on speaker each time.

As I was nearing the end, at my 36 week appointment, I was measuring small so the OB wanted to have an ultrasound just to get a check and better look. It is the downfall of husband not being able to be there, because partners are allowed in if there’s an ultrasound, mask required of course. So he missed being able to see him that day, though of course there’s no way we could have known it would happen.

The ultrasound showed a decrease of amniotic fluid. It could just mean my body was preparing or that the environment was no longer becoming safe for little guy. I only ever drink water so my intake didn’t seem to be the issue, however I was sent home with instructions to guzzle water and not go outdoors for a long stretch (it was really hot at the time and I would dehydrate even more easily). I would return on the Monday following (3 days) to see if the fluid improved. If it didn’t we’d be sent for an induction. If it did, we’d continue as normal.

Thankfully, 3 days later the fluid did rise. Not by much, but by enough that she was comfortable sending me on my way. We were going to have another ultrasound in two weeks to keep an eye on it. I’d still have my weekly normal appointment in between.

Fast forward to June 12th. I was 38 weeks and 2 days and went for my normal appointment and scheduled ultrasound. Thankfully, since we knew ahead of time, husband was able to be there with me, even in the room. We had the good forethought to have our bags packed and loaded. We had done the same preparation that Monday two weeks prior. I honestly didn’t think we’d need it, but knew it would be smart just to have things ready.

We got to see our angel on the screen. His heart rate was good and fluid was okay. Not the level it was two weeks prior, however the tech wanted to check with my OB anyway, giving her my levels and see what she wanted to advise.

Side note about my ultrasound tech – she was the same tech we had with our first. I had scheduled an out-of-pocket ultrasound at 10 weeks because I didn’t want to wait until the 12th week to see our baby. I remember being so excited for the introduction to our growing child as first time parents. It was at that appointment we discovered things weren’t right. The tech was kind and gentle and said I would come back the next week to see if there was growth (the options were that the pregnancy wasn’t viable or that I was only 6 weeks instead of 10). I remember she hugged me at the end and said I was handling things remarkably well. I was a bit numb and just went on autopilot that day. Still, she was graceful and gentle and I appreciated that later. You can read more about the loss in my reveal post here.

My OB was in the office that day for a department meeting. Soon, she came into the room, said hello, and said “you’re going to have a baby today”. We a bit shellshocked as she explained she just didn’t like the environment and it would be safer to bring him into the world at this point. Because she wasn’t on call at the hospital that day, she revealed that she wouldn’t be the one to deliver but indicated that the Doctor on call was fantastic and I’d be in good hands. That is when I started to tear up because I had built this relationship with my OB through both of my pregnancies. I wanted her with me. I trusted her and she knew us. That was the first moment I got a bit scared and nervous. She let me hug her and I expressed that I was sad it wouldn’t be her. She reassured me about Dr. Sampson and the tech strongly agreed that she was terrific and we’d be taken such great care of during the whole process. Spoiler alert: they were right.

I had built this relationship with my OB through both of my pregnancies. I wanted her with me.

In my next post, I’ll pick it up from here. It was a lot of background but hopefully that only benefits the story. As I finish typing, I get to gaze at my strong, amazing son sleeping soundly. I am daily reminded of our miracle. How we got here is only more evidence that beauty always shines in the aftermath of even the scariest times.

To be continued…

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All photos from personal collection.
Final photo courtesy of Hannah Deer Photography (via our maternity shoot).

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