Sometimes, they don’t have to mean something negative.

Sometimes, they don’t necessarily indicate a rough patch.

Sometimes a break, can come from healthy, happy spaces. Merely a natural progression of living life, wrapped up in the daily corners of time.

As a writer, I breathe freest when words escape my mind onto the paper or screen. I understand my situation more clearly. I grasp my emotions and thoughts with greater ease. I come to know myself best – through the medium I love so deeply.

Even now, when my mental space is fuzzy and my head is too full to hold more, I sit in the pitch black of my bedroom and just exhale. Even for a moment. Ever so slightly…..and it lifts. It relaxes. It welcomes a prodigal daughter back to her homeland.

I don’t have much to say. There is nothing profound spilling forth tonight. I simply wanted to come.

I am not sure if there is still anyone here, waiting to see if I return. If you are here, hi – thank you – you’ve returned also and I want to celebrate that.

Even if not, I am here. I still have things to say.

A dear friend posted something today in her own return of sorts and she included a stunning line from a Rilke poem that reverberated within me and lingers still:

“I have hymns you haven’t heard.”

If that isn’t beauty, I don’t know what is.

Thank you for holding space for the wandering.

How refreshing and affirming it is, when we can do that for one another.

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