The Sound Most Beautiful

It is time…I return…feeble but limping to the line of welcome. Join me. You are never unwanted here. Your voice – matters. Gather at Lisa-Jo’s for a depth-check of heart. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boundaries appear not.    Qualifications stand unwanted.Justification exacts at one. Mercy… Read More

Slow-beating broken

It’s the slowing beat, a broken rhythm, the pulse of unanswered questions. The pulse weak and the cause still undiscovered.      The back of the throat catches at the back of the mind’s doubt and I fight with myself over what… Read More

Unattainable Ordinary

I’ve been avoiding it all morning.     I wrote my heart empty yesterday and I didn’t know empty had deeper reserves as I journaled in my Lent book and teared and sighed… I know I’m ordinary. But even ordinary seems so… Read More

With Newborn Eyes

There’s a whisper to morning.                    A bade of hither, still, rest. A serenade assuring things do not have to focus just yet.     Awake slowly.     Savor the process of rouse…. Read More


It’s back. How I need it…GO. Forget the cliffs.    The jagged edges of unknown plummets.     It’s not the heights.      Or the monsters in closets.      It’s not even the evil this world churns out. Afraid.    … Read More

Which Wonder to Hold

W   O   N   D   E   R Plentiful are the notions of wonder.      Numerous are the words I hear and I speculate how they relate to me as an individual, how they tie into the culture… Read More

Generational Gatherings

The bustle of multiple voices, cascading in conversation, crescendoed laughter, gleeful exchanges of little ones tramping across wooden floors and echoed hallways….this is reunion. Attaching ourselves in smiles and embraces after two decades of seeing one another, meeting some for the first… Read More

The Shakiness of Stay

It’s time again. I’m back. I’m home. I’m off the hiatus of life’s busyness to come back to the place where truth flows in levels unbeknownst to me until the last punctuation mark stands.  We link up. We encourage. And no one… Read More

Sometimes, I just want to stop

It’s time again. I honestly don’t have much precursor this time either. I almost didn’t participate today. But thoughts scrambled in my mind and the metaphoric topic wouldn’t go away. So here I am ladies. Sometimes it’s easier just to cut myself… Read More

Sometimes Hesitant-Wide

Abandon. S    t    r    e    t    c    h           open limbs and fingertips. Stand fast amidst breezes, atop cliffs, through studded forests of shadows. Be wide, unhindered, unobstructed to the scenes around…. Read More