I cannot wait for mountains and trees and local shops and breathtaking moments. Four days in the mountains is a dream come true (if I can’t have a lifetime there).

I see her

Sometimes I see her, wide eyed, eager, searching for someone to introduce herself to. Hand outstretched, smile beaming and blue eyes open, expecting and warm. She carries herself, ever-in-movement, as if everything around her is a ride in a theme park of… Read More

Five Minutes of Here

Eyelids close, slow inhale, exhale releases….      I want to type with blindness. Just because. It seems fitting. needed.     An expiremint worthy of….of what? Eyes open.I am back in leathered chair, rustic ottoman ensuring comfort. Music coming a little… Read More

Wishing on Planes

A jetliner streams the sky with its destination marks. Speed accompanies flight. My eyes scan the brief moments its course occupies my view and silently I wish I were on board, a passenger heading somewhere.     Repeatedly are my thoughts on… Read More

Santa Anas

I’ve never lived in California. But I saw in a movie once, the explanations about the Santa Ana Winds that blow through every year. They say anything can happen… I take it to mean that change is in the air and the… Read More