I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. Usually, that’s fodder for writing – where I put jumbled to keyboard or pencil to paper and I learn what’s swirling about. I come to realize what was trying to be discovered, said…. Read More

Trying to Turn from Lost

Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin. Credit: Nick Page        There are either too many thoughts swirling inside my mind, or an absence of seemingly everything, save the echo of unattained wisdom. I have ignored so much potential… Read More

Pieced of Rib and Redemption

His goodness, His patience, His care….unfathomable.    He beckons with gentleness unmatched by anything or anyone this life has to offer. He is everything good, breathable, sustainable, livable.  Lately I’ve been whisper-reminded (soon, the whisper may move to higher decibels if it… Read More

Because I know you…

* I avoid and hem and haw, yet ache to participate on these glorious days. These come-together days. The 5 minutes that feel like it can take all day to process. These women who teach me every time, how to pour out…. Read More

Which Wonder to Hold

W   O   N   D   E   R Plentiful are the notions of wonder.      Numerous are the words I hear and I speculate how they relate to me as an individual, how they tie into the culture… Read More

Promises and Breathing

It’s been so long.     I can let things go too easily.            Then in others, I can clench too direly. If only the right instances were applied to the right reactions.If only I could cling to… Read More

Change – 5 Minute Friday

It’s been a couple of weeks.    I’m weakened, but I am saddened when I do not participate in these jewels of Friday. Thus, here I am. Let’s see what He wants me to hear today…because whatever will come from my fingers… Read More

Fresh Air – Friday

It’s a 5 minute Friday. I have begun to think of this as a “coming home”. Moments of clarity that I too often miss – too often yearn for a visit, yet I allow excuses to keep me from participating how my… Read More

Fear and Longing (a revisit)

There is a conflict between having so much to think about, so much to process or talk through, yet having no action of release to express it all. I could have been writing these past few months. There are certainly many things to… Read More

A Routine Check-up

I’m not a mother. I do not have children. (Though I’ve spent most of my life caring for others’, thus have some insight into the world of little ones.)   Yet allow me the creative license to use a comparison to make a… Read More