I know. It’s been….a long while. I’m honestly going to be incredibly surprised if there is even a “you” reading this. I may have lost the small pairs of eyes I did have, due to this belabored absence. So much has occurred…. Read More

I’ve been silent about what’s been brewing these last few months. It feels nice to still be protective of personal information – as opposed to sharing every facet the moment it occurs.

For the past few months, I began to seriously consider something I honestly didn’t give much thought to in previous years. Mostly due to the amazing way my life had been directed thus far. Mostly because I was fine with how things were.

I have been wanting to share the official story behind my first new development that was back in April – my first tattoo.

I’ve been thinking of my first tattoo for years. Almost a decade. I could take the time telling you the backstory of what I originally wanted that aesthetically would not have worked out – but I won’t. This is about what I did end up choosing to permanently place on my skin.

The Thing About Giving Up

“That’s the thing about giving up. You don’t realize you’ve done it until it’s too late.” There are moments where art speaks what your soul has monologued most of your life. Raw exposure of surprised bareness.         Music does… Read More

July.                The last time I wrote here.       I let a couple of weeks go by and they turned into months.           I have a thought, but I let… Read More

I see her

Sometimes I see her, wide eyed, eager, searching for someone to introduce herself to. Hand outstretched, smile beaming and blue eyes open, expecting and warm. She carries herself, ever-in-movement, as if everything around her is a ride in a theme park of… Read More

Heavy the Oar to Him Who is Tired, Heavy the Coat, Heavy the Sea

“Heavy the oar to him who is tired, heavy the coat, heavy the sea” The title of this painting I beheld in the Art Institute of Chicago may have well be the beginning of a poem that could speak to the depths… Read More

Wishing on Planes

A jetliner streams the sky with its destination marks. Speed accompanies flight. My eyes scan the brief moments its course occupies my view and silently I wish I were on board, a passenger heading somewhere.     Repeatedly are my thoughts on… Read More


All these words jumble through me like alphabet soup. A conglomeration of many could-be-thoughts but the letters are hopelessly congealed to one another without formation. I sit to write them out. To reveal to myself more than anyone else what I need… Read More

Change – 5 Minute Friday

It’s been a couple of weeks.    I’m weakened, but I am saddened when I do not participate in these jewels of Friday. Thus, here I am. Let’s see what He wants me to hear today…because whatever will come from my fingers… Read More