The moments that change us have a way of dividing our lives into a before and an after.

I think that happens multiple times in a life. As sad as that is to think about, knowing that we have experiences that we go through, that as monumental as they seem at the time, that there is no guarantee that something even more altering won’t come somewhere else down the line. That’s the side effect of living – leaving ourselves open to knowing that one day it may take every effort we have, just to breathe in and out.

Selah in Circumstances

It’s been one time zone, two states, and 8 months since I’ve worked for a paycheck. By the inconceivable blessings of family and amazing friends, I’ve been encouraged, cared for and even supported in countless ways. This has sustained me through drier seasons. And I’ve had longer seasons of darkness and unemployment as well.  Yet …