We are tethered to the story we must tell.  Whether we let it out or keep it sequestered – whether we spill it over our lives in obvious ways or drip it lightly in the coy unaware of unintentional… Read More

So it’s actually happening… It was finalized months ago, back in March. It’s not as if I couldn’t have prepared, except I didn’t really know how to. I’ve been dreaming of attending this conference for years. And now I am finally able… Read More

It will be difficult to describe         though I know that anyone who can relate will understand without words having to be spoken. When you have a passion that is shared with a defining part of the world, it… Read More

Waiting For Want

Caught between listlessness and desire.      Knowing the hoped for ending still does not provide intuition for the moments between. Bare minimum.       Feeling the ease of sitting on bench, watching all else go by.    Weighing that against… Read More

Times of Broken

It was a day already tainted with stress and disappointment. Now, I cannot even remember the whys. But I remember the dejection and apathy I felt.   It’s what brought me to their house – walls filled with four adopted brothers. My friends… Read More

Habitual Stillness

Photo – mine. Taken of me at Rockport, MA, possibly my favorite East Coast location. I have this propensity for staying still. For wanting to be in a moment and stay in it for so long, unwilling to let it change for the… Read More

A dream of mine has been realized. Sometimes people say that, and I believe, as I now understand the weight of it, just how much it means to be able to declare that – to be able to be in the experience… Read More

Dreaming Out Loud

Do you ever stop to look at your dreams?      Really    l o o k    at your dreams?Sometimes, they seem like someone else’s. As if I were reading about them, seeing third-person into another’s ambitions. It’s easier then –… Read More