The moments that change us have a way of dividing our lives into a before and an after.

I think that happens multiple times in a life. As sad as that is to think about, knowing that we have experiences that we go through, that as monumental as they seem at the time, that there is no guarantee that something even more altering won’t come somewhere else down the line. That’s the side effect of living – leaving ourselves open to knowing that one day it may take every effort we have, just to breathe in and out.

*On October 7th,  I had the abundant honor of guest posting at author Kris Camealy’s blog for the release of her then upcoming book Come Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. I wrote the piece which appeared on her site. I wanted to… Read More

I cannot wait for mountains and trees and local shops and breathtaking moments. Four days in the mountains is a dream come true (if I can’t have a lifetime there).

So it’s actually happening… It was finalized months ago, back in March. It’s not as if I couldn’t have prepared, except I didn’t really know how to. I’ve been dreaming of attending this conference for years. And now I am finally able… Read More

credit When it sneaks into facets of your life. Unpredictable, invasive, worming it’s way through healthiness and systematically degenerating the fruits of living. It can be different for everyone – what fear affects. What its triggers are. How heavy or fleeting it… Read More

Habitual Stillness

Photo – mine. Taken of me at Rockport, MA, possibly my favorite East Coast location. I have this propensity for staying still. For wanting to be in a moment and stay in it for so long, unwilling to let it change for the… Read More

A dream of mine has been realized. Sometimes people say that, and I believe, as I now understand the weight of it, just how much it means to be able to declare that – to be able to be in the experience… Read More

The Fear of Dreams

*A comment of mine on an (in)courage post. While writing it, while it poured out of me, I realized “I should declare this more than once. Perhaps it may keep me accountable to seeing truth, recognizing walls and self-restrained leashes, and to… Read More


The church I belong to – Grace Community Church – has taken this season of Lent to look at some of the traditions we as believers follow. Why do we follow them? What do they particularly mean? How do they apply? Each… Read More