There is newness coming in many ways. This latest post discusses that and more.

“We learn through everything, if we are open. Even when we’re closed, we can come back to discover. It’s never to late to grow.”

I’ve never done the “word of the year” practice. 

With the word of the year, I respect it and have always thought it was a nice idea. I completely understand why it is done. Not only is it motivating, it provides one a grounding to see the whole picture in times of plenty and want, in times of quiet and times of turmoil…

I wasn’t even sure until this morning that I was going to give it a try.

I find myself weary faster if I do not have time away and alone to take a deep breath in and a slow, measured breath out. 

I find that change           beautiful.

I’ve grown deep into introvert roots. I cultivate a healthy balance now.

Dreaming Out Loud

Do you ever stop to look at your dreams?      Really    l o o k    at your dreams?Sometimes, they seem like someone else’s. As if I were reading about them, seeing third-person into another’s ambitions. It’s easier then – to cheer for them. That seems backwards, I know, but for me…it just …