There is cognitive dissonance which exists when a writer ceases to write. For any period of time, not participating in one’s passions can cause a myriad of reactions, one of which is the rationalization that “I don’t have anything worth saying”.
It devalues that which it once held as highest esteem – most cathartic and noble of efforts. It is a subversion of reality.

Here’s to the ones who feel happy.
In a good place in life, in career, in relationships, personally, internally, health-wise or mentally or physically.

Here’s to the ones who feel lost & confused.
Who thought they knew what to expect from something and instead, were thrown far beyond sight. Who thought they knew what to do or who to trust or where to go. Who now question what they know at all.

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Perspective of Posture

“Remember me not as I always was, but how I could sometimes be.”       I wrote that sentence early in High School, it could have been Middle School actually. I’m fuzzy on the details.            … Read More

Seriously. That’s not just a kitschy opening line – that is just fact. Examples:

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Heavy the Oar to Him Who is Tired, Heavy the Coat, Heavy the Sea

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