I will just come right out and say it: I’m not the size I once was.

But here’s what I’ve decided (and what I think we should tell ourselves, as women):
Dress yourself in a way that makes you feel great. Regardless if you’ve gone up or down a size.

Slow-beating broken

It’s the slowing beat, a broken rhythm, the pulse of unanswered questions. The pulse weak and the cause still undiscovered.      The back of the throat catches at the back of the mind’s doubt and I fight with myself over what… Read More

Coffee Break, day 14

Two weeks have passed since I first declared “decreased coffee!” I gave myself a 4-a-week limit to cups-o-joe. And I’ve been successful! The 1st week, I only had 3. And yesterday, if you count the decaf cup at night, I then technically… Read More


      I adore anything that has to do with a kitchen. I relish shiny appliances. I savor fresh spices and local food markets. I covet ramekins, woks, casserole dishes, and kitchen-aides (oh elusive kitchen aide!). Naturally, too, I venerate the art… Read More

Sovereignty and Adrenaline

Malachi Harrison Smith will have quite a story to hear about his 1st Christmas. Tales of blizzards and phone calls, ER visits and sleeplessness (by his parents, that is). This story will have moments of questioning, suspense, hurry, physical toil, and finally… Read More