I’m constantly in a state of wanting to improve. Not that I’m never good enough (though, okay, yes I’ve felt that plenty of times), but usually in a way that a student wants to learn more from a teacher. From someone who has knowledge and experience and passion for the subject. In a facet of life where I could certainly use the lessons.

Here’s to the ones who feel happy.
In a good place in life, in career, in relationships, personally, internally, health-wise or mentally or physically.

Here’s to the ones who feel lost & confused.
Who thought they knew what to expect from something and instead, were thrown far beyond sight. Who thought they knew what to do or who to trust or where to go. Who now question what they know at all.

For every time I’m met with indifference or unimportance – there are more impenetrable instances where I am fought for, championed, reminded of love and influence. It keeps me wanting to be open, though it hurts and is terrifying – it’s worth the risk because no matter the answer, I become built steadily on the Rock of Identity that lasts.

Songs can often bring out deep contemplation, or at the very least, potent awareness that a season is happening and somehow, this song [fill in the blank] is speaking volumes into my minutes and hours and experiences.
Does this happen to you too?

One of the undeniable attestations of being a human is growth will keep coming. One of the side-effects of being an adult is the hurt will visit frequently and the discomfort will be a close companion. I’ve had the topic to which this post will explore stirring within for quite some time.

It’s been harder for me to figure out exactly what I wanted to do this year, to observe Lent – as far as self-reflection and sacrifice is concerned. I know I wanted to read, meditate on Scripture, write, pray. These are center and always a part of this season.

July.                The last time I wrote here.       I let a couple of weeks go by and they turned into months.           I have a thought, but I let it slip away.         I have experiences and changes to …

Refusing to Reveal

I’m a habitual “just fine”-er.                                              It’s easier. It’s quicker. And it removes me from the lamplight of scrutiny much faster. The other day, someone declared that I never look [this same someone] in …

The Price of Idols, The Truth of Freedom

We are at our most defective, our most infected, our most thieving selves when we are turned towards idols.          When we are shoulder-deep in worshipping “crafted heroes” (a goal; an idea; a status; a person; people in mass, group or whole; a label; literally fill in the blank with any other …

Pieced of Rib and Redemption

His goodness, His patience, His care….unfathomable.    He beckons with gentleness unmatched by anything or anyone this life has to offer. He is everything good, breathable, sustainable, livable.  Lately I’ve been whisper-reminded (soon, the whisper may move to higher decibels if it be necessary for my heart to grasp The Spirit’s truth) that He is …