So it’s actually happening… It was finalized months ago, back in March. It’s not as if I couldn’t have prepared, except I didn’t really know how to. I’ve been dreaming of attending this conference for years. And now I am finally able… Read More

I wanted to have so much to say.                  Words and anecdotes pouring out of me. And I think the sentences are in there. Tucked away but bouncing in anticipation.          Sometimes… Read More

Refusing to Reveal

I’m a habitual “just fine”-er.                                              It’s easier. It’s quicker. And it removes me from the lamplight of scrutiny much faster…. Read More

Inspirations of Praise

Amen Lisa-Jo. I cheated and flipped my DayBrighter calendar over last night. Saw these words and smiled.  I am ever-grateful – indebted – for the glorious wisdom I receive through friends, contemporaries of an art form I’ve loved since memory, strangers, poets, preachers,… Read More

No Greater Feeling In The World…

It’s sore-ab-laughter. It’s revealing-your-age TV references. It’s TMI storytelling and sincere prayer warriors meeting. It’s #FMFparty.      The precursor to this lovely event known as Five Minute Friday. Lisa-Jo gives us tools and sets us free in the wild world of… Read More

New Friends, (in)couragers, & Book Club

I did it.I signed up for an (in)couragers group. I had no intention really – not specifically choosing not to participate, just that I wasn’t expecting to join. Community groups are something I’m used to doing locally. It makes sense. It’s how… Read More

A dream of mine has been realized. Sometimes people say that, and I believe, as I now understand the weight of it, just how much it means to be able to declare that – to be able to be in the experience… Read More

Spirit is willing…(but?)

Today, I was given two choices for a word. Both were pretty great words for a topic. I will use the other choice very soon, but I gravitated toward one pretty quickly, and it’s shaping up to be a theme of not… Read More

Response: Acknowledge Him

Today at (in)courage, the beautiful Sara Frankl shares her heart, wisdom, and realness with us once again. Bless your day by reading her words in Acknowledge Him. In my opinion, I do not see her words as making light of this sometimes-task of… Read More

Backwards….(5 Minute Friday)

The Gypsy Mama has encouraged us into another Friday! I missed last weeks, sadly enough. Yet I believe that it’s still a prompt that can be done, even if it’s past, even if not on a Friday. So take a shot at that… Read More