A reward, not an escape

I recently read that an obstacle which can block the peace we long to feel (which comes from God, the author of peace) is prayerlessness.      Upon first glancing over this statement, I hesitated to agree. Naturally, due to the human condition… Read More

The Fear of Dreams

*A comment of mine on an (in)courage post. While writing it, while it poured out of me, I realized “I should declare this more than once. Perhaps it may keep me accountable to seeing truth, recognizing walls and self-restrained leashes, and to… Read More

Misconception and Mountain Climbing

I’m sitting in my pastor’s office. Nervously shifting, my fingernails pinching other fingers (a tell-tale sign that something’s upsetting me), and trying to get to the point of why I asked to speak with him.  “What is the point of prayer?” Yes…. Read More