Have you ever prepared for a move or begun Spring Cleaning and come across something you’d almost forgotten existed? You brush off the dust and for a split second may even forget how to use it — like an old instrument (I’m looking at you, Elementary School recorder).
That kind of feeling is what I’m experiencing.

I know. It’s been….a long while. I’m honestly going to be incredibly surprised if there is even a “you” reading this. I may have lost the small pairs of eyes I did have, due to this belabored absence. So much has occurred…. Read More

Here’s to the ones who feel happy.
In a good place in life, in career, in relationships, personally, internally, health-wise or mentally or physically.

Here’s to the ones who feel lost & confused.
Who thought they knew what to expect from something and instead, were thrown far beyond sight. Who thought they knew what to do or who to trust or where to go. Who now question what they know at all.

Good Morning.     You.     Who may be waking to a multitude of facts and emotions that may feel anything but good. You, who may be in a hospital, waiting to hold your new, strong, handsome son – letting the… Read More

It will be difficult to describe         though I know that anyone who can relate will understand without words having to be spoken. When you have a passion that is shared with a defining part of the world, it… Read More

When it all will happen again…

The blinker pulses on blank screen, waiting for direction. Asking to be expanded, leaving thought-provoking words in its wake. Witty banter. Keen discovery.    And I hesitate      again.Mind reels and scenarios play out and I pray to understand relationships and… Read More


Sometimes you don’t know if you have something worth saying.    You’re unsure if you have a voice that carries. If it should rise above the dissonance this world conjures. I wonder that every day.If sentences, thought processes, merely add to the… Read More

Sometimes, you leave

Last night I was able to rejoin an in depth study into the Word, where this semester, basics are being revisited. Last night’s topic was prayer. Among the many verses given as examples of either how Jesus, Himself prayed or how we should… Read More

A reward, not an escape

I recently read that an obstacle which can block the peace we long to feel (which comes from God, the author of peace) is prayerlessness.      Upon first glancing over this statement, I hesitated to agree. Naturally, due to the human condition… Read More

Living Proof

This morning, through the (re:) series devotional, I was given my food for today. These words from Paul to the faithful members of the church at Thessalonica, will be my constant nourishment today. May they strengthen you as they are me. “We urge you,… Read More