I know. It’s been….a long while. I’m honestly going to be incredibly surprised if there is even a “you” reading this. I may have lost the small pairs of eyes I did have, due to this belabored absence. So much has occurred…. Read More

Free-falling into Risk

Words cannot describe my complete surprise and full joy by Lisa-Jo picking my tiny blog out of hundreds for her 5 Minute Friday feature of the week last week.I saw the email of her comment and my mouth literally fell open in… Read More

Owning, and Walking Away

I’ve been reading Tuesdays With MorrieĀ for the first time. It’s a book that relishes introspection. Further, it illustrates what happens when introspection is spoken aloud. It’s the act of sharing thoughts, musings, wisdom, questions…anything at all. Sharing personal contact, sharing food, sharing… Read More