I find myself weary faster if I do not have time away and alone to take a deep breath in and a slow, measured breath out. 

I find that change           beautiful.

I’ve grown deep into introvert roots. I cultivate a healthy balance now.

Happy Saturday, friends. I’m starting something new today that will become a semi-regular event. *Give-away Day* “Give-away day“ will serve a few purposes.

It’s been harder for me to figure out exactly what I wanted to do this year, to observe Lent – as far as self-reflection and sacrifice is concerned. I know I wanted to read, meditate on Scripture, write, pray. These are center… Read More

What Should Be Loudest

My infrequency of speaking about it does not equate to apathy.        I have quite a few thoughts about it.                    The injustice.             The double standards…. Read More

Seriously. That’s not just a kitschy opening line – that is just fact. Examples:

Cornered Habitat

Our goal in observing Lent is not to earn favor with God by fasting and praying, but to allow us a season to reflect on the reality of sin and its effects and the need for repentance. We live in a world… Read More

"Sweet Spirit Comfort Me"

Litany to the Holy Spirit by Robert Herrick                                                In the hour of my distress,          … Read More

Fresh Air – Friday

It’s a 5 minute Friday. I have begun to think of this as a “coming home”. Moments of clarity that I too often miss – too often yearn for a visit, yet I allow excuses to keep me from participating how my… Read More

Sometimes, you leave

Last night I was able to rejoin an in depth study into the Word, where this semester, basics are being revisited. Last night’s topic was prayer. Among the many verses given as examples of either how Jesus, Himself prayed or how we should… Read More

A reward, not an escape

I recently read that an obstacle which can block the peace we long to feel (which comes from God, the author of peace) is prayerlessness.      Upon first glancing over this statement, I hesitated to agree. Naturally, due to the human condition… Read More