I have been wanting to share the official story behind my first new development that was back in April – my first tattoo.

I’ve been thinking of my first tattoo for years. Almost a decade. I could take the time telling you the backstory of what I originally wanted that aesthetically would not have worked out – but I won’t. This is about what I did end up choosing to permanently place on my skin.

I finally saw first episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.     I know, I’m really behind. Through my fantastic Roku and my parent’s generosity of letting me register through their Direct TV, I can watch HGTV live if I wanted, but I can… Read More

It will be difficult to describe         though I know that anyone who can relate will understand without words having to be spoken. When you have a passion that is shared with a defining part of the world, it… Read More

credit When it sneaks into facets of your life. Unpredictable, invasive, worming it’s way through healthiness and systematically degenerating the fruits of living. It can be different for everyone – what fear affects. What its triggers are. How heavy or fleeting it… Read More

When my story doesn’t measure up

So often, throughout my life, I would hear another’s testimony and think to myself my story is nothing compared to that. What do I have to show? Mine is just…boring. Courtesy of TOM81115, Flickr       Though I know full well… Read More

Habitual Stillness

Photo – mine. Taken of me at Rockport, MA, possibly my favorite East Coast location. I have this propensity for staying still. For wanting to be in a moment and stay in it for so long, unwilling to let it change for the… Read More

Change – 5 Minute Friday

It’s been a couple of weeks.    I’m weakened, but I am saddened when I do not participate in these jewels of Friday. Thus, here I am. Let’s see what He wants me to hear today…because whatever will come from my fingers… Read More

Fluctuations of a Path

I think Lisa-Jo is clairvoyant sometimes. I mean honestly, how does she KNOW the exact word sometimes to knock you back – speaking shards of relevance into your current situation? Well, I know she’s not a psychic, but I’m thankful for how… Read More

A dream of mine has been realized. Sometimes people say that, and I believe, as I now understand the weight of it, just how much it means to be able to declare that – to be able to be in the experience… Read More

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

There is a Robert Frost poem. Perhaps you know it. I have committed some of this to memory, since revisiting it in college. Today, I reread this piece of art. I feel a kinship to its words – its emotion – its… Read More