I’m oscillating between strength and weakness. Between functioning and being back to “normal” but then mourning and being angry that instead of packing my hospital bag and putting the finishing touches on our nursery in these last few weeks, I’m not. There is no stocking up on supplies. There is no prepping and planning.

I’ve never done the “word of the year” practice. 

With the word of the year, I respect it and have always thought it was a nice idea. I completely understand why it is done. Not only is it motivating, it provides one a grounding to see the whole picture in times of plenty and want, in times of quiet and times of turmoil…

I wasn’t even sure until this morning that I was going to give it a try.

I didn’t intend to write today, but it needs to be spoken. Honestly, for my own heart. I truly do believe speaking gives power over that which contrives to remain hidden. So I need to continue to put it into practice. It… Read More

Songs can often bring out deep contemplation, or at the very least, potent awareness that a season is happening and somehow, this song [fill in the blank] is speaking volumes into my minutes and hours and experiences.
Does this happen to you too?

One of the undeniable attestations of being a human is growth will keep coming. One of the side-effects of being an adult is the hurt will visit frequently and the discomfort will be a close companion. I’ve had the topic to which… Read More

Trying to Turn from Lost

Sometimes I don’t even know where to begin. Credit: Nick Page        There are either too many thoughts swirling inside my mind, or an absence of seemingly everything, save the echo of unattained wisdom. I have ignored so much potential… Read More

Refusing to Reveal

I’m a habitual “just fine”-er.                                              It’s easier. It’s quicker. And it removes me from the lamplight of scrutiny much faster…. Read More

When my story doesn’t measure up

So often, throughout my life, I would hear another’s testimony and think to myself my story is nothing compared to that. What do I have to show? Mine is just…boring. Courtesy of TOM81115, Flickr       Though I know full well… Read More

The Price of Idols, The Truth of Freedom

We are at our most defective, our most infected, our most thieving selves when we are turned towards idols.          When we are shoulder-deep in worshipping “crafted heroes” (a goal; an idea; a status; a person; people in mass,… Read More

So Very Small

*I wasn’t planning on linking, but sentences spilled on page as the sharpness of the word stabbed deep. It’s as if the word were a name tag, taunting to be claimed.    I have a feeling many of us can pick it… Read More