The Discipline of Joy

Maintenance is required to keep anything alive. Care, nurturing, attention…these are vital in the continuance of life, of thriving. This applies to anything that moves, breathes, changes, adapts….think deeply about how this could apply for you. It might not take very long… Read More

I know….

I keep trying to think of something to say. Something to write. I’ve started over 3 times already…     I just don’t have any knowledge…any focus…anymore. Maybe I’m distracted. Maybe I’m void of creative energy. Maybe I’m just exhausted. Maybe I have… Read More

Tumblr: “Receive” What are your thoughts?

A Routine Check-up

I’m not a mother. I do not have children. (Though I’ve spent most of my life caring for others’, thus have some insight into the world of little ones.)   Yet allow me the creative license to use a comparison to make a… Read More

Scrapes And Bruises

Sometimes I sit and wonder: If I were Eve, would I have taken the apple? If I were told by my Creator and my husband that I am not to eat of that tree, I don’t think I would have a had… Read More


*A friend once told me, while we were discussing the effect Satan can have on our daily life, on the daily temptations and stumbles, that he uses 3 words to get himself back on track, and to get the lies out of… Read More