The Terror of Truth

The search for honesty in every facet of each relationship in my life…is like balancing on a tightrope. I want to be out there, trying because it’s worth the difficulty. And the thrill and joy from experiencing it is tremendous – but each… Read More

Rocks on a window

Have you ever seen a movie, where there’s a guy throwing rocks at a window? Light pebbles…in succession…trying to get the attention of the girl behind the curtains. It’s usually at night, and he’s trying to be subtle, yet persistent enough to… Read More

Do Re Mi…

Sat down at the keyboard today.      Let’s just say I have a long way to go. 🙂 But I will get there. “Music of the Night” is in the beginning stages. And “The Notebook” Original score — we’ll see. Today… Read More

Unclenching and Ever-changing

A brief update on my current experiment. Today marks Day 4 of my 1st week to cut back my coffee intake. Happily, only my 1st cup was had this morning! And I am happy that a trip to Dunkin Donuts with the… Read More

Day 2

I have not had coffee since Tuesday, Wednesday being my first official day (as you read). I think it’s going well. I miss the taste, but yesterday morning and today I’ve had tea in the morning to waken my mind. It’s not… Read More

My 12 New Things

Visit the Originator’s Blog! My friend Danielle challenged me and some more friends to join her in this quest. She follows this blog above (and I mention I am now a fellow follower too, as well as of (In)courage, an amazing site I… Read More

To be seen

The lights are dim, with the morning sun scraping its way through the clouds, into these basement windows. My coffee cools in the cup beside me, and Augustana and Mat Kearney seep through the speakers. In these early hours of starting my… Read More


“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” (Psalm 27:14) Oh to wait…to be subject to something so unknown – the timing and ways of My Father. I’m a person, who happened to come to Christ… Read More


You’ve heard them. The “If…then” statements. They’re everywhere. “If I had a quarter for every time…then I’d be rich” “If you don’t clean you’re room [then] you’ll be sorry!” “If this is what you’re saying, then we’ve got a problem.” “If you… Read More

Something more interesting to come soon. It’s being drafted. Something’s been itching in me since Sunday. Stay tuned. Until then…here’s a hint. image via Nashville Post