Have you ever prepared for a move or begun Spring Cleaning and come across something you’d almost forgotten existed? You brush off the dust and for a split second may even forget how to use it — like an old instrument (I’m looking at you, Elementary School recorder).
That kind of feeling is what I’m experiencing.

For every time I’m met with indifference or unimportance – there are more impenetrable instances where I am fought for, championed, reminded of love and influence. It keeps me wanting to be open, though it hurts and is terrifying – it’s worth the risk because no matter the answer, I become built steadily on the Rock of Identity that lasts.

Seriously. That’s not just a kitschy opening line – that is just fact. Examples:

Wanting What Isn’t

Source I tend to observe others.Traits, what they excel at. Personalities.Some could call it insight. I just know people fascinate me. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of meeting new people, and getting to know more about someone. There is an indescribable beauty that lies between the layers of ourselves. When we let others into …