So it’s actually happening… It was finalized months ago, back in March. It’s not as if I couldn’t have prepared, except I didn’t really know how to. I’ve been dreaming of attending this conference for years. And now I am finally able… Read More

‘Should’ is a dangerous word. It can entangle one through so many barbs and wayward leads. I have so many blessings….so I shouldn’t feel like I am lacking, like I am empty somehow. You have a lot going for you. You should feel… Read More

The Price of Idols, The Truth of Freedom

We are at our most defective, our most infected, our most thieving selves when we are turned towards idols.          When we are shoulder-deep in worshipping “crafted heroes” (a goal; an idea; a status; a person; people in mass,… Read More

To remind myself

To remind myself on days it’s hard to remember or when my flesh gets in the way of seeing that which is inarguably true… * A journaled recording of a song (Forever Reign, by Hillsong) which came into my head one morning… Read More

Cornered Habitat

Our goal in observing Lent is not to earn favor with God by fasting and praying, but to allow us a season to reflect on the reality of sin and its effects and the need for repentance. We live in a world… Read More

I Still Believe (A review of Jeremy Camp’s memoir)

Jeremy’s music is such that I forget to match his voice with his name.   Let me explain, for this is not a negative statement:        The depth of his voice is so captivating, that a name is not the identifier… Read More

"Sweet Spirit Comfort Me"

Litany to the Holy Spirit by Robert Herrick                                                In the hour of my distress,          … Read More

Change – 5 Minute Friday

It’s been a couple of weeks.    I’m weakened, but I am saddened when I do not participate in these jewels of Friday. Thus, here I am. Let’s see what He wants me to hear today…because whatever will come from my fingers… Read More


   GO…                  I saw a man on the side of the highway. I drive, returning from a task needed, from a blessing given. It’s early.    Coffee carafe in holder,        radio soothing… Read More


This morning was veiled in ivory fog, lasting into soft hours.      With some gifted time, I folded my legs on the couch of the back porch, put pencil to paper, and even opened Scripture without provocation. A tough confession –… Read More