I know. It’s been….a long while. I’m honestly going to be incredibly surprised if there is even a “you” reading this. I may have lost the small pairs of eyes I did have, due to this belabored absence. So much has occurred…. Read More

There is cognitive dissonance which exists when a writer ceases to write. For any period of time, not participating in one’s passions can cause a myriad of reactions, one of which is the rationalization that “I don’t have anything worth saying”.
It devalues that which it once held as highest esteem – most cathartic and noble of efforts. It is a subversion of reality.

Soon, I’ll fly to a state in which I’ve never been. Then I’ll be a passenger in a car to another state I’ve never been. I’ll be one in only 40 women in a secluded spot, staying in what used to be… Read More

*On October 7th,  I had the abundant honor of guest posting at author Kris Camealy’s blog for the release of her then upcoming book Come Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. I wrote the piece which appeared on her site. I wanted to… Read More

Here’s to the ones who feel happy.
In a good place in life, in career, in relationships, personally, internally, health-wise or mentally or physically.

Here’s to the ones who feel lost & confused.
Who thought they knew what to expect from something and instead, were thrown far beyond sight. Who thought they knew what to do or who to trust or where to go. Who now question what they know at all.

I kept all of my literary books from College. If it was an English class, or my contemporary theater class, or the one time I took a class on Joseph Conrad without really knowing what I was getting into… No matter the… Read More

I understand that God made me a person who feels the feels. All of them. And that I can feel big.

Rejection gets to me. Slices deep and separates tissue and leaves a permanent mark. Side effect of the caring big part.

I wish it wouldn’t.

I’ve been silent about what’s been brewing these last few months. It feels nice to still be protective of personal information – as opposed to sharing every facet the moment it occurs.

For the past few months, I began to seriously consider something I honestly didn’t give much thought to in previous years. Mostly due to the amazing way my life had been directed thus far. Mostly because I was fine with how things were.

So obviously this is pretty late. I was supposed to announce this last Friday.

Still, this time around – surprisingly – there was only one participant in what I think was the coolest prize to date!

I know I’ve let much fall to the wayside her at my website.

I think I will be able to be better at dedicating time and energy into that which matters most to me – The Word, prayer, journaling, reading, study, and of course writing.
Back to the reason I’m here today. I know it’s no mystery – it’s another Give-away day! Boy is this a great prize!