Hello friends.    Welcome.

I call you friends in earnest. Because since the beginning, my writing was honestly just for me. I didn’t give thought to others reading because it was a way in which I learned growth, I learned more about myself, about my Father – Author – Creator – King. Writing was catharsis before I even knew what it meant.

The fact that now my writing is being shared, means that I can call you friends. Because I’m letting the walls down (sometimes a little at a time, sometimes letting them crash down all around). We can no longer be strangers when we live authentic lives in the presence of others. That is my goal. I was a crafter of masks and wore them expertly. I’m working on taking them off. On leaving them behind as a change from one degree of glory to the next. I invite you to join me in this.

So welcome to this space. A space that has become an unveiling of soul and circumstance. A place of welcome for more than just my own thoughts and chronicle of growth.

I’ve avoided it for years. This website. Making public the writing that used to be solely private. Because I see these amazing women who can actually call themselves writers. Who share their hearts and share their stories and evoke thought and growth. Women like that have these pages and I never believed I should find myself among such “professionals”.

But I remember why I write. Why I’ve put pencil to paper ever since I had the dexterity to do so: for me. I write for my understanding of this world. Of who He is. Of why He crafted me and what He tries to teach me. I discover through the act of writing it all out.39124104_2298302840196372_7222268338955616256_o

So this website and blog is just a way to bring me back to the “why”. I am trying to learn that I don’t have to be perfect in my words or measure up in my readership or ability. I just have to keep doing what He has built me to do. This fiery passion for the written word was ignited and initiated by Him alone. I didn’t create this. But I need to come back to it.

I need to remember what air I breathe easiest. Where beauty reveals herself to me. Where wisdom always waits for me to discover her.


This is to nudge me. To stay in my view and beckon me to return to again.

Still, thank you for your support in this. Thank you for the cheers and for seeing me as I am. For seeing, yet not being one of the ones who turn away. For being one of those who ask me to stay. And to keep going.

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